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High Capacity Gritter

High Capacity Gritter



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  • 1m³-1.3m³ gritter capacity

  • 1m-6m adjustable spreading width

  • 5g/m²-60g/m² variable salt application rate

  • Variable auger speed for increased spreading precision

  • Pozi-Feed Auger

  • Adjustable chute angle and spinner speed control for accurate discharge

  • Optional fully automatic operation with ground speed related CAN-bus controller

  • De-mountable spreader unit with quick mount system

  • In-cab control

  • Rear mounted attachment

  • Low maintenance

  • Durable British build


  • Precise discharge and distribution of salt is controlled from within the comfort of the heated cab for accurate placement to maximise effectiveness whilst minimising waste

  • Optional CAN-bus controller ensures further efficiency by means of automatic operation in relation to the Multihog’s ground speed and discharge rate for increased salt saving

  • The Pozi-Feed auger system manages wet and dry materials whilst still maintaining a smooth even salt flow


  • Stability is guaranteed in the most severe weather conditions as a result of the low centre of gravity for improved steadiness, especially around steep street corners or on rural roads

  • The extremely short overhang of the spreader section ensures maximum manoeuvrability  offering greater operational flexibility and performance


  • Driver visibility is uncompromised as a result of the Multihog’s flat design, large window space, mirrors and optional rear mounted cameras


“The Multihogs are earmarked for service in routes where there are steep hills, narrow roads and estates where larger snow clearing equipment just won’t fit. The articulated design also makes them excellent for manoeuvring around parked cars for maximum possible clearance.”

Andy Oscroft, Seasonal Works Manager, Nottinghamshire County Council.

The enhanced manoeuvrability of the Multihog provided extra resilience where conventional gritters could not reach. This allowed schools, surrounding roads, walkways and car parks to remain safe minimising disruption to the local community and economy by keeping the school open for business as usual.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.

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