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High Capacity De-Icer Sprayer

High Capacity De-Icer Sprayer

Multihog with High Capacity DeIcing Sprayer Yellow compressed

Multihog with High Capacity DeIcing Sprayer Yellow compressedMultihog_Snow-027EMA 009EMA 010EMA 025OCD_9068a

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  • 1100-1650 litres capacity
  • 3 sectional spraying booms
  • Up to 10 meter total spraying width
  • 10 meter hose with spraying lance also available
  • 316 grade stainless steel tank
  • Tank level gauge front and rear
  • Internal baffles increase stability
  • De-mountable sprayer unit with quick mount system
  • All painted steel work is shot blasted, zinc rich powder primed and powder coated
  • Large pressure gauge to indicate application pressure
  • Optional low level filling coupling
  • In-cab control
  • Drain tap
  • Rear attachment
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable build


  • Efficiency is ensured by way of the in-cab control system which incorporates a main on/off and 3 sectional controls to regulate de-icer spraying to minimise wastage from within the heated cab
  • Refill and travel downtime is significantly reduced in comparison to smaller vehicles. This is as a result of the high capacity de-icer tank enabling greater storage of de-icer solution whilst minimising waste by means of the CAN-bus system for maximum effectiveness and efficiency


  • The Multihog can easily access difficult to reach areas, such as around the head of stand at airports or for town centre de-icer spraying, due to the compact build and articulated design
  • With a minimum height of 1990mm, the even more compact MX range is capable of manoeuvring under aeroplane wings for up-close winter maintenance operations


  • The 3 sectional boom allows for variable spraying widths to suit all spraying operations for  maximum performance and minimal excess waste. The middle boom sprays to the width of the Multihog, whilst the two outer nozzles provide a 4 swathe on either side for a combined spraying width of 10meters
  • The Multihog’s high capacity de-icer sprayer can be filled with whatever solution suits your operation, from brine based to less corrosive potassium acetate solutions, as well as for non-winter related spraying duties such as chemical weed spraying

“Rather than using two vehicles and two personnel to carry out two separate jobs, we could see that the combination of front and rear attachments fitted to one machine for simultaneous operation would be quicker and more efficient, making better use of equipment and labour.”

Glen Wilson, General Manager of Terminal and Cargo Operations, East Midlands International Airport

“Easy to operate, excellent manoeuvrability, good all round vision, compact design and a clean diesel engine, all make for an excellent choice for any international or local airport."

Stephen Cavinder, Independent Consultant to the Airport and Road Transport Industry

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